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I am an ASTAR (Awakening Spirit through Art) trained facilitator and a facilitator of "Sexual Awakening for Women" as trained by SHAKTI. I am also an artist, dancer, writer, lover, trickster, story-teller, wife and mother.

I have been working with the healing arts for about 25 years. My ‘work’ truly began with a traumatic motorbike accident at 22 years old. This healing crisis propelled me into the discovery of the healing power of the natural world. I went on to study herbalism/aromatherapy and iridology, working personally with Holotropic breath work and metaphysics, then exploring ceremony and ritual, the healing power of conscious dance and finally finding my true loves; creativity and sacred sexuality for the past 12 years. I have transformed my life and relationship through both of these modalities. To me they are the perfect union.

I discovered ASTAR about 14 years ago, and have been facilitating classes for 8 years now. I have discovered so much about my life and relationships through this amazing art-making process and experienced tremendous insight into my inner symbolic world, revealing to me the richness of life, through manifesting creatively. This is a truly unique and beautiful introduction into the flow of creative life-force energy and how we manifest all manner of things in our world.

This is for those of you who have never done art before, wanting to discover the artist within; and for those seasoned or professional artists who feel burdened by the critical and concept driven art-world and just need to let go and have some fun, or maybe you just can’t find the time in your everyday life to create on your own. Come and relieve yourself of stress through expression, carve out some precious time to fill your well and learn more about your inner world of imagery and your symbolic depths. Astar was founded by Lindy Solomon, an extraordinary artist, teacher and mentor of mine. Please visit her website to see the outreach work we have done as a collective. Tap offers art to underpriveldged communities in need. My first Astar teacher was Aliki Romano of the Artwell, she is a skilled and experienced art counsellor who incorporates the tool of art-making into the therapeutic process. For private sessions to deal with a specific trauma or bereavement, I can highly recommend Aliki's beautiful work. 

More recently I have begun to share the work of the late Dr Shakti Malan, an exceptional Tantrica and Spiritual Being whom I had the honour to be trained and mentored by, for the 5 years leading up to her death in July 2017. This journey through sexuality began with Shakti 12 years ago and has reshaped my story around what it is to be a creative sexual being in this world today.

I guide people into opening to create from a deep and authentic place, held in a safe space, free from judgment or comparison.

I hold women on their journey into embodiment and openness, to feel all that they are, and what they are not!

"I believe in the innate creativity in all beings, that this is our birthright, and critical for our wellbeing in this vastly changed world. I believe that our sexuality as woman plays an immeasurable role in our ability to have healthy relationships with all of life.

The creative/sexual movement in us is one and the same, our divine nature.

I believe this is what will bring peace to our world, when woman awaken to the truth of their beauty and the capacity of our love."

Woman embodied brings love to our world. 

Sexual freedom allows for the realization of unity consciousness and our authentic "wild woman" to find expression. A deep connection to nature is fostered through embodiment in the present, along with our true nature being revealed here as love.

I also love to write about these topics and I am drawn to the spoken word, desiring to give talks around the topic of creativity and sexuality to large groups of woman, from all walks of life, in a way that is accessible and helpful to everybody who is desiring more from life and wanting to understand how we are creating our lives.

I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way and do this work for all my relations. I am devoted to a spiritually adventurous life and the development of my fellow beings, being human. 

More recently, I have dropped most "practice" and choose to live life as the meditation,

I look forward to meeting and communing with you!

- Hayley Manson


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