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ASTAR (Awakening spirit through art) offers a safe and non-judgmental studio space for you to come and explore your ‘inner’ symbolic world revealed through the subconscious realms. Here, you are encouraged to express yourself creatively in a spontaneous and authentic way, unblocking the channels of life force energy that are available to us all. This opening, to more of the creative flow, will ripple into other areas of your life, allowing easier access to your unique creative spirit for your personal ventures; be they designing, cooking, starting a new business, writing, photography or being creative with numbers.

Unblocking creativity is the key to co-creating the lives we want to live. By exercising our intuitive capacities in a safe studio space, where outcome is of no consequence, we develop the ‘muscles’ we need, to navigate in the ‘real’ world. We are constantly being asked to choose between all that is coming to meet us; through our inbox, social media, in our lives in general, and this takes more and more of our time, as we become overwhelmed and bogged down by the barrage of information we are ‘meant’ to deal with on a daily basis. When our intuitive capacities are well developed, we can become more discerning about what we choose to engage with, moment to moment, with ease, flexibility and grace.

Authentic Art making also allows imagery to come forth from the subconscious, visual metaphors, which still may be a blind spot in our awareness, revealed to us, to be seen, felt and transformed. Art making can also just be a hell of a lot of fun. In these and many ways, art becomes the self-healing tool it is meant to be. The earliest artists knew this well; they were the Shamans and Medicine Women of our tribes.