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Corporate Workshops


Creativity in the Workplace

Men and women

Workshops designed to suit any theme or situation, for team building and generally just to get the creative juices flowing in the work environment.

Let’s face it, no matter how interesting your job is, they get repetitive.

Creativity for the sake of enjoyment and fun, can stimulate work environments and spark new creative ideas in any application. A time-out at work to do something creative and interesting can only be a good thing for productivity.

Spoil your employees, design them a process with me.



Leadership through the Feminine
Creativity and Sex; in life and in the Work Place

For women

Workshops are designed to assist women in accessing their innate qualities of creativity and leadership that are uniquely feminine.

Women lead through deep embodiment and through our receptive qualities: through our ability to hear and listen from a place of openness and flexibility, from presence in the moment and the clarity and wisdom that arises from being deeply centered in the now, in our belly’s and even deeper into the base of our bodies, our genitals and the perineum where we connect to our true essence.

Learn about the journey a woman must take, to find her authentic power in the world, a power that can literally change the world.

Know True Feminine Integrity, in all her forms, from compassionate kindness to the fierce and relentless goddess who wields the sword of truth.

Become empowered and magnetic, through knowing the power of our hearts to change and create not only our personal reality, but also the whole world and possibly the Universe.

Workshops can be custom designed to your specifications, depending on what outcomes are desired. I also offer talks on the subject of Women/leadership/Sexuality and the Feminine.

See what creativity can do for teams of women working together.