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Sexual Awakening For Women: The Art Of Awakening Creative Sexual Energy

In a sense what I do could be called midwifery of sorts; a midwife of creativity and sexual energy. Holding space for woman to discover, and then birth, their own unique creative potential into the world.

My deep love and interest over the past few years has been the divine union within. My own growth and awakening here has guided me internally to bring together Art and Tantric Wisdom in a Workshop format.

Through awakening sexual energy and transforming this energy of Eros, through the heart, into love, woman may become the agents of change we are meant to be on this planet right now. In this way, I believe awakened woman will lead the healing of the feminine in all of us, both men and woman alike.

Astar too, is essentially a feminine practice, of receiving imagery and guidance, opening to the flow of feminine creative life force, getting used to navigating in the dark/the unknown/the mystery, who knows where this artwork will end up, and allowing ourselves to get out of the way, working in the ‘no mind’ or the right/feminine side of the brain.

Sexuality and healthy relationships are important to me, because in truth, they are our birthright. We are sexual beings and our creative/sexual urges are one and the same. In the first place we are this before we are anything else. This creative sexual energy is our divine nature, it is our godliness in expression, and it is expressed most organically through art, movement and sensuality.

From what I see and have experienced myself, it is time woman started taking responsibility for embodying their own desire and healing the discord between the feminine and masculine, within and without. In the same breath, it is time for men to really feel what is happening inside of their hearts and to heal the dissonance of the masculine/feminine divide, within and without.

It is time to fall in love with each other and our Selves. The war is over; the world is more primed now than it ever has been, to embrace and heal the relating between feminine and masculine. It starts with each one of us and I love bringing this message to woman, and the world.

When we heal the love affair within, our outer reality reflects this back to us, in peace and joy filled relationships. Hallelujah!

Sexual Awakening For Women: The Art Of Awakening Creative Sexual Energy
Part 1

A journey of discovery for woman.

In this course we use sacred sexual practices and the exploration of art, as a gateway into the subtle sexual realms. Creativity and sexuality are awakened in the same centre of the body, the sacral chakra.

 This course is an opportunity to explore the work of Dr Shakti Malan, as I guide you through her tantric workbook, “Sexual Awakening for Woman”.

We will make all discoveries visual and manifest through various art-forms: clay, mixed-media, collage, printing, poetry and journaling, as well as diving deeply into many meditations and tantric practices to embody the truth of who we really are, bringing it all back into our hearts to be loved and integrated.

Only when we wake-up as woman, deeply connected to our desires, embracing our shadow as well as our divinity, will our relationships, and the world, mirror peace for us all. An embodied woman is Love.

Courses are 10 weeks long, usually twice per year. They take place in a studio in my beautiful garden in Little Mowbray.

Email me for the dates of the next available course.


Sexual Awakening For Women: The Art Of Awakening Creative Sexual Energy
Part 2

A part 2 course is also available for woman who have already done some sexual awakening work.

In this second course we delve more deeply into our art processes, as well as focus on the energy that runs from the heart through the higher centers of our being, from the throat to the crown chakra.

This more advanced work will deepen our connection to the embodiment of Love so that we may allow Life to live itself through our beings, as the cosmic dance of creation.  

A deep connection to our purpose here on earth is fostered; through opening to divine will through our deepest desires for our truest hearts longings.

Enquire via email, usually this course happens once per year.